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"Partnering with WebLessons has greatly enhanced the teaching and learning of American history by teachers involved in our Teaching American History grant in Central California. The support we received in writing the TAH grant and implementing our program has been fabulous."
– Rob Darrow, TAH Project
Director, Clovis, CA
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The United States Department of Education

2008 Teaching American History Grant

application is now available.

The December 10 application deadline will come soon. Now is the time to start planning your program.

WebLessons can help you get funded

In the past five years, WebLessons has been a key program component in 31 TAH programs in 12 states, providing these districts with:

  • Over 150 American history topics from early colonization through the War on Terror
  • Thousands of primary sources and rich media content
  • Onsite professional development to improve teachers' subject matter expertise
  • Access to over 1400 pages of in-depth Instructor's Guides
  • A complete curriculum written to national and state standards for both elementary and secondary levels

Please contact us now to schedule a virtual tour of WebLessons and receive an initial TAH Grant consultation.

WebLessons takes teachers beyond the textbook

Bound textbooks may be the backbone of U.S. History instruction, but TAH evaluators are looking for innovation and change. It only makes sense to include in your program a technology component that gives teachers broad access to thousands of primary sources on the World Wide Web—far more than could ever be contained in a textbook. That's not all. WebLessons supports teachers by framing all that great Web content around an effective instructional model that helps students understand, analyze, and reflect on historical events.

Find out more by visiting our Web site or contacting us at TAH@weblessons.com.

WebLessons builds teachers' subject expertise

WebLessons helps improve teachers' knowledge and appreciation of American history, guiding them every step of the way from subject matter research to practical classroom applications. Teachers have access to over 1400 pages of in-depth instructor's guides packed with:

  • subject-related content
  • curriculum standards correlation
  • answer keys and rubrics
  • direct links to a collection of rich media historical sources
  • a student glossary
  • extension activities
  • strategies for differentiated learning

Onsite staff development is part of our program

WebLessons provides TAH program participants with onsite training at regular intervals. Teachers are able to interact directly with WebLesson developers, instructional designers, and subject matter experts. Interactive online training is also available to help ensure teacher success.

Go to Weblessons.com to see a sample of our online training.

WebLessons gives teachers a powerful instructional tool

WebLessons makes it easy for teachers to deliver meaningful learning activities to students through an integrated e-learning system. Features include:

  • Over 150 American history topics from early colonization through the War on Terror
  • A complete curriculum written to national and state standards for both elementary and secondary levels
  • Online lesson management and grading
  • Online quizzes
  • No software to install

WebLessons raises student achievement

WebLessons focuses on “significant issues, episodes, and turning points in the history of the United States” and the importance of these in determining the line of America's development. WebLessons raises student achievement by providing:

  • A unique learning interface specifically designed to increase student participation
  • Step-by-step visits to the best sites on the Internet with direct access to primary source documents and rich media
  • Integrated study questions emphasizing higher order thinking skills
  • Online quizzes for immediate feedback
  • Language translation for ESL students

Visit weblessons.com to see a list of U.S. History topics.

WebLessons offers grant writing support

WebLessons has helped more than 50 school districts and consortia write and submit TAH Grant applications. We have carefully studied the feedback from grant evaluators. We know the requirements, and we know what evaluators are looking for.

If you want to apply, the WebLessons staff will:

  • Help your district construct a compelling 3-year program based on your unique needs and circumstances
  • Provide content for key sections of the applications
  • Provide research assistance
  • Review the final proposal and provide coaching
  • Track deadlines and progress

Call us to learn more

We invite you to learn more about WebLessons and the TAH Grant by calling us at 1(800) 672-6988 or writing to TAH@weblessons.com.


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