Home Learning Purchase

Professionally-developed WebLessons make it easy for anyone to teach standards-based curriculum in the home. WebLessons are optimized for directed self-study or study in teams.

WebLessons is a hosted elearning system that makes learning at home easy and effective. Families can purchase a WebLessons home account monthly or annually. Here's what you get:
For Home-based Teachers
  • One teacher account and 6 student accounts
  • Preview and assign over 700 web-based lessons aimed at both younger and older learners
  • Grade assignments online or offline
  • Free online training
  • Detailed instructor's guide for each lesson which includes
    • State and/or national curriculum standards
    • Extensive lesson plans
    • Answer keys and rubrics
    • Worksheet masters (optional)
    • Differentiated learning
For Students
  • Personalized student dashboard for managing lesson assignments
  • Easy-to-use Web learning interface
  • Self-paced learning